Photocell Controller

Photocell sensor is a fixture that is additionally added in outdoor lights such as LED street lights, LED flood lights, and other LED lights. The device simply detects  the amount of ambient light to turn the light off and on. Once the photocell sensor detects a low enough light level, it will turn on the lights, or conversely, an increase in external light level will turn off the light.
When you need illuminating only when it's dark, count on our photocell sensors (or photocell controllers) to do the job. When ambient light is present, these photocell controller will turn off your lights automatically, and when ambient light is absent, they'll switch on. They're rain tight, too, so you don't have to worry rainy day. They connect easily to the outdoor lights that you want to control. These interfaces support blind insertion, so you will never get it wrong. (Before connecting, please check speciifcation sheet to make sure they're compatible).