Commercial Lighting
Panel Lights

LED panel lights are distinguished by their high quality light that addresses the health concerns associated with traditional lighting technologies. The white light generated by LEDs has a broad wavelength spectrum which makes it easy to achieve excellent color rendering with a CRI up to above 90. Light from LED panel lights is characterized by a natural softness. Light is emitted evenly from the surface without hotspots and harsh shadows. The soft, natural and glare-free pools of focal glow create comfortable and flattering ambient illumination. They're available in a variety of sizes, e.g., 600x600mm, 1200x300mm. Moreover, as a solid state light source, LED panel lights have the potential to achieve high luminous efficacy and substantial energy savings.

All this makes LED panel lights perfect lighting products that can be integrated into various lighting fixtures to deliver compelling lighting experiences. We have Eye-Friend, Hi-Lumen, and CCT-Switchable series LED panel lights for selection.