Xitanium LED Driver 100/150/250W

LED-based light sources are an excellent solution for outdoor environment. They are long-lasting and require low
maintenance. However, to get the best out of the LEDs, these light sources require highly reliable and efficient
LED Drivers.
  • Wattage100/150/250W
  • Description


    • Robust design; capable ofwithstanding harsh outdoor conditions.

    • Long lifetime and high survival rate.

    • Superior thermal management suitable for outdoor application.

    • Backed by 5 year warranty from a company you can trust.

    • Consistent waterproof performance through the lifecycle.

    • Component integration in advanced IC enables cost effective design.

    • Proven robustness & reliability secure the lowest luminaire maintenance over time.

    • Extreme compact size. fitting with varied luminaires.

    • Easy to design-in based on the good thermal management and extra EMI margin


    • Proven robustness and reliable electronic driver design.

    • Achieving highest efficiencies based on advance technology.

    • Long lifetime; 50k hrs@Tc max.

    • Extreme compact size, fitting with varied and critical luminaires.

    • Suitable for Class I isolated luminaires.

    • Authorized certificate: ENEC, CB, CE and CCC.


    • Road and street lighting

    • Area and flood lighting

    • Tunnel lighting

    • High-bay lighting

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