Numen-I Monitor Light Bar

Dual light source screen hanging lamp. Care your eye health with CRI 95, provide naturally gentle light from front and/or back. Brightness and color temperature can be adjusted as you wish.
  • Wattage5W
  • Input VoltageDC5V±0.25V
  • Luminous Flux150lm-170lm
  • MaterialAluminum Alloy+ABS
  • CCT3100K/4200K/6400K
  • CRI95
  • Available Colorssilver/black
  • Warranty2 years
  • Sizeφ20*L410mm
  • Net Weight350g
  • Charging TimeN/A
  • Battery CapacityN/A
  • Endurance TimeN/A
  • More Less

    Features and Benefits:

    • Asymmetric light emission: It can block and neutralize part of the blue light, so that the blue light radiation ratio entering the eye is reduced.
    • Back light: When the light in the space is dark, it is recommended to turn on the back light to reduce the light and dark contrast of the light in the space and effectively improve the visual comfort.
    • The light body can adjust the irradiation angle at will by 20°. The irradiation angle can be adjusted according to your height to avoid direct light into the eyes.
    • Three color temperatures: according to personal needs, you can customize the color temperature you want
    • Stepless brightness adjustment: long press the switch, you can freely adjust the brightness to meet personal preferences and different environmental needs, and customize more eye-friendly light for the eyes
    • Hanging the screen in 1 seconds is simple and neat, and does not take up space on the desktop: gravity bracket, suitable for screens with a thickness of 0.5~3.2cm, without any auxiliary tools, it can be easily fixed on the screen in 1 second, and the light body can adjust the irradiation angle at 20°.
    • No video flash: protect your eyes, now start the mobile phone shooting mode, clearly visible without glare.
    • Power-off memory function: After the computer is powered off and then powered on, it can still automatically restore the previously set brightness and color temperature.
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