Artemis Floor Lamps

  • Wattage10W
  • Heightmm
  • Input Voltage10V
  • Luminous Flux600lm
  • MaterialABS+PC
  • Light Source Power60×0.2W(LED)
  • CCT2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/6500K
  • CRI80;90
  • Available Colorswhite/black
  • Gross Weight3200±100g
  • Color Box Size415*220*80mm
  • Warranty2 years
  • More Less


    1. LED soft light eye protection floor lamp: soft eye protection, no glare

    2. It is easy to install, does not occupy space, and has uniform illumination

    3.360° universal adjustment of omnidirectional lighting: silicone metal hose is used, which has good toughness and can be bent at will

    Meet your needs from multiple perspectives

    4. The ring-shaped luminous light covers a wide range: the light is reflected from all directions to the eyes, simulating the soft light of natural light to assist the desktop, reducing ghosting, and caring for your eyes

    5. No video flicker: The mobile phone has no stroboscopic flicker, soft light, eye friendly.

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