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Why are LED Street Lights so important?

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The importance of LED street lights cannot be stressed enough. It is impossible to imagine a road without streetlights. 

The following reasons help highlight just why street light is so important.

1.  Provide lighting to passersby and traffic transportation

One of the main reasons why street light is essential is because it helps provide lighting to passersby and traffic transportation. Without proper street lighting, passersby would be afraid of venturing outside at night, Driving a car would be extremely difficult for car drivers, They would not be able to see what is in front of them, and there would be a huge amount of traffic along with accidents. 

2. Street lights provide a sense of safe environment at night and play a role in lowering crime rate. 

Another main reason why street lights are so important is that they help reduce and prevent crime. When there is sufficient lighting in an area, criminals would be less likely to steal or commit any other form of crime. If there is not enough lighting, they can cause serious damage. They will be more likely to break in and steal. To avoid this from happening, street lighting is necessary. When criminals see that everything is visible due to the lighting, they would be discouraged to cause any harm. This would help prevent and reduce crime altogether.

3. Adding the beauty to the night view:

When developing a community, a society, or even a city, the developers must implement a plan that ensures proper lighting on the streets, service roads, and the main highways to increase the beauty of their project and the night view of society. A good lightening of the street can promote the charm of the night view of any place, either it’s a busy market or even a quiet street.

Streetlights are lit up one by one, streets and cities are illuminated, and with the progress of society, there are more and more streetlights on the streets. However, so many street lights also require a significant amount of electricity consumption. We need to strike a balance between the many advantages of street lights and the enormous energy consumption.

There are three ways to Reduce Energy Overhead:

1. Upgrade to LED Lights, Reducing emissions

One way to reduce energy overhead is to switch from energy-intensive lamps to LED lighting. The LED light will cost 70% less.

2. Choose Solar Powered lighting

LED street lights that use solar power will provide outdoor illumination that requires zero wiring and costs virtually nothing to run. Plus, since solar lights are not dependent on the power grid, they are unaffected during outages. So, if the power goes down in your area, solar powered lights will continue to protect your property—no generator required. 

3.Utilize Intelligent street lights

Intelligent street lights are a very popular form of lighting nowadays. Intelligent street lights support power lines and wireless network transmission. They can combine it with surveillance to monitor and illuminate key traffic routes and hidden corners in real time, which can largely reduce car accidents and criminal cases. Users browse through the cloud platform to view complete street information and have a set of accurate diagnostic engines that return immediately if the street light is abnormal, enabling managers to speed up scheduling repairs and easily access street lights to enhance passer-by satisfaction and road safety at all times.

types of intelligent street light

Final Thoughts

Out of numerous options available, LED street lights and the Solar LED street lights are the most efficient. LED street lights are an effective alternative to the standard street lamps used in many cities. LEDs don’t produce as much heat, are more resistant to damage, and provide brighter light than traditional bulbs. They last longer too so you won’t have to worry about replacements for years while also saving money on your energy bill.

Feel free to browse our line of street lights. Realshine offer LED street lights, intelligent lighting accessories and solar LED street lights, so you can easily complete your project.

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